A Raptor’s Wings…..

Hey all, back again with a Klingon update for you.


What I have here for you is another product of ‘Wicked Zombie’s’ creative mind.  One of only a few noted modelers that has work stretching back to the days of Starfleet Command that is still active relatively, his site, Demon Renegade Studios (link here), has been the source of some great inspiration as of late.  I’ve summed it up quite well in my annotations, but this class is one of two I have pinned as spiritually succeeding the legendary D-11/B’Rel class Scout.  From here, I have at least 1 more Future era Klingon ship to do and then a bit of planning – an ultimate goal of mine is to get a Guide to the Klingon Fleet-type compilation together, bringing together a portion or all (haven’t decided yet) of my Klingon-derived work.  The scope/scale of what I plan to do there will dictate how much editing/revising of existing work I have to do.

Oh yeah, also plan to do something on the Tholians as well one of these days……(see the preceding post) 😉


D-20/Korgal Class Heavy Destroyer

*(All material is the property of the respective owners/creators.  No infringement is intended)






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