Back Again

Hello again all, apologies for having let another couple of months go by since my last update, but alot has been going on.

This latest update of mine features 3 designs (2 derived from video games/mods; 1 from FASA) – 1 each from the Federation, Klingons and Romulans.

La Fayette class Corvette

Sunhawk class Light Cruiser

D-18/Lara’atan class Destroyer

With D-18, I step on/contradict stuff that I already wrote for another Klingon Destroyer, D-14.  Consequently, I went back and edited D-14 so that the histories would fit.  It doesn’t quite flow as smoothly, but I think it still works (can check it out here).

Jolan Tru



15 responses to “Back Again

  1. There might be a browser issue at play…..everything shows up fine on my phone’s browser, but not my work pc…..will have to look further when i get home. In thevmeantime, if nothing comes up still – i would try a different browser perhaps

  2. I tried other wordpress blogs and they work ok on Firefox but this one now looks like some noob hacker messed with stuff =/

  3. Ya…..i dont know what to say……i tried copying/pasting everything into a whole new post, but still nothing.

    I’m inclined to say it’s some kind of technical glitch – if it was a hacker ot someone who wanted to keep ppl from viewing my stuff, i dont think id be able to pull it up okay on my phone….

    Will check on this later tonight and contact an admin if im still having the same probs

  4. NVM – found out what the problem was………….WP has evidently retired the previous them I was using (Redoable Lite) w/o providing alternatives, let alone, notifying those who used it.

    I’ve changed it to this one you see (‘The Piano Black’) for now just to make it visible. Might go back through and change some more once I have more time to look through the themes.

  5. That seems to have done the trick! I really enjoy the posts on smaller starships. After all not every ship in a fleet can be a battleship. The bulk of any fleet must be frigates and scout ships. If you need a suggestion for the next ship how about the Burke class from Starfleet Battles? Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for the feedback!! Yeah, I’ve taken a look at the Burke class and she looks pretty good. Have got something going at the moment, but will keep the Burke in mind!

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