As promised folks, after 3 months, I have another update to share.


The title refers to the fact that the two ships I’m presenting–Daedalus and Carolina–‘bookend’ Starfleet during the 23rd Century, representing the early years of TOS and latter years of TMP respectively.  Originally, I meant to publish Daedalus with a piece on the complete history of Starbase 47 – “Vanguard” and Carolina was but to play a part in a larger piece on Starfleet Battleships, but as I explained in the preceding post, things didn’t quite work out as planned.

Both posts also contain ample inspiration for future works, mentioning early classes like DY-X and Delta as well as alluding to larger concepts like that of the Starfleet Reserves (necessary, if only to present a unified, definitive history of which TMP era designs participated in later conflicts like the Cardassian and Dominion Wars……).  Those are definitely on the radar as is yet another TMP era design.  Before I compile all my TMP era work though into a single guide/compilation though, I want to organize all the designs by classification/type and try and get a sense if there are any groupings (Cruiser, Frigate etc) that are underrepresented at all.


Daedalus class Cruiser

Carolina class Battleship


More to come soon hopefully 🙂




8 responses to “Bookends

  1. I really like your work
    If u need more pics of ship check out my deviant art page look under admiral-Horton
    I have a lot of orthographic views and more coming and can do other pics if u need them
    just leave a comment and I will see what I can do to help u

  2. Soon! My next post is going to feature a trio……am working on the Klingon one right now, then just have to finish up the annotations/bibliography on the Federation and Romulan ones and that will be it.

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