As promised folks, after 3 months, I have another update to share.


The title refers to the fact that the two ships I’m presenting–Daedalus and Carolina–‘bookend’ Starfleet during the 23rd Century, representing the early years of TOS and latter years of TMP respectively.  Originally, I meant to publish Daedalus with a piece on the complete history of Starbase 47 – “Vanguard” and Carolina was but to play a part in a larger piece on Starfleet Battleships, but as I explained in the preceding post, things didn’t quite work out as planned.

Both posts also contain ample inspiration for future works, mentioning early classes like DY-X and Delta as well as alluding to larger concepts like that of the Starfleet Reserves (necessary, if only to present a unified, definitive history of which TMP era designs participated in later conflicts like the Cardassian and Dominion Wars……).  Those are definitely on the radar as is yet another TMP era design.  Before I compile all my TMP era work though into a single guide/compilation though, I want to organize all the designs by classification/type and try and get a sense if there are any groupings (Cruiser, Frigate etc) that are underrepresented at all.


Daedalus class Cruiser

Carolina class Battleship


More to come soon hopefully 🙂




Still Here….

Whew……has it nearly been three months since my last update??  Well it likely will be three months give or take before I finally get something uploaded……..made some big RL moves, including my own place now on the other side of town.  The logistics of that + certain new demands on my time have really eaten in to my productivity here.

When I last left off, I originally intended to do a nice 2 piece post focusing solely on the TOS era.  Post #1 was to be my take on the Daedalus class and Post #2 was to be a complete history of Starbase 47-Vanguard from the beginning all the way up to the present day.

Post #1 was easy – I got my take on the Daedalus class about 98-99% finished…….just have to finish up my ‘Editors Annotations’ and the get the Bibliography in order and that will be good.

Post #2 on the other hand might not see the light of day for a while.  At the time I thought about writing the entire history of Starbase 47, I had just finished re-reading the Vanguard series of novels.  Those novels and all the TOS goodness presented therein formed the beginning of said history.  At the present day (2414), I intend to position it as the sort of ‘backwater’ black/special-ops hub of Starfleet.  The in-between period is what I’m currently having trouble with.  I’ve dug through my personal collection of reference guides, encyclopedias and RPG supplements and thanks to alot of what FASA created, I can fill in 47’s history up to roughly 2285 or 2286.  From there on, the difficulty in brainstorming & cementing ideas becomes exponentially more difficult.  FASA pretty much is done by the time of STVI and the ‘Okuda-verse’ doesn’t really bother to fill in the gaps between the end of this movie and the beginning of TNG.  I think this is my biggest challenge.  Once we get up to TNG things start to get easier.  A plethora of novels have been set during this period including ones set in the aforementioned Lost Era.  Things mentioned in the course of TNG/novels are mere ideas for me to expand upon and I’m sure, given the appropriate amount of time and motivation, that I can nail this.

When I realized that Post #2 there would be a bigger undertaking that I first thought, I put on the brakes and decided to go looking around for inspiration.  Exploring some of the material that Richard Mandel has sent me (notably, his guide on Starfleet Battleships) led me to scouring Google for images as I often do and I found some of a model for an old ST PC title.  I won’t spoil anything just yet, but this Carolina class by virtue of its size and capabilities (the latter described by me naturally) is now the penultimate TMP era ship, eclipsing the Midway class Carrier easily.  Honestly, I don’t think I can find anything else out there that will supplant this one.  So my Daedalus take + the Carolina class are slated for my next update.  Hoping to be up early Saturday w/a fresh pot of coffee and plenty of motivation.

The real meat and potatoes of this though has to be the final trailer for the new film Into Darkness.

The visceral, emotional punch this packs cannot be understated (at least IMO) and it looks to be a much bigger, more serious film than the previous entrant. has a shot-by-shot  analysis at the link below.

Shot-By-Shot Analysis Of Star Trek Into Darkness Domestic Theatrical Trailer + Did Title Cards Clue The Villain?

My take based on the above trailer??  It looks like an expanded upon, much darker version of Nemesis – if only vaguely.  Your have a vengeful villain determined to destroy Starfleet/the Federation/Earth and you have a captain/crew/ship determined to stop him.  The differences though are obvious.  Shinzon was more of a rogue leader run amok armed with WMD’s – think Kim Jong Un in North Korea.  This new villain, ‘John Harrison’, is more along the lines of a ‘lone wolf’ extremist who resorts to terrorism and more unconventional/asymmetric means of warfare.  And rather than the graceful Enterprise-E being blasted out of the sky (or overpowered by a battered, relatively primitive opponent like two of its predecessors), it merely has it’s ‘front end tore up’ so to speak.  In contrast, the polarizing ‘JJprize’ designed by Ryan Church gets mercilessly pummeled and–if previous trailers are any indication–crashes to Earth and finds itself a watery grave at the bottom of San Francisco Bay.

I can’t say I’m sorry to see that ‘sagging old rustbucket’ (catch the TOS reference? lol) meet such a punishing fate, but the movie itself looks spectacular.

For an interesting, ‘old school’ comparison, here is the original trailer for TWOK (the second ST feature film)…….

and here is an excellent fan-made trailer giving TWOK a more ‘epic’ feel……



Hope to have more for you all soon!