Border Patrol

I know I’ve gotten off my normal weekly update kick and it sucks, cause its always at the back of my mind day in and day out.  COD: Black Ops II and some various pieces of TrekLit (the Vanguard series which I re-read + David Mack’s new Cold Equations miniseries, which will get its own post here sometime in the near future) have combined with work  (10 hr days/50hr wks are the new norm) and other bits of real life minutae to form the perfect maelstrom of distraction which means this latest update of mine took about 3 wks to finish instead of the normal week to week and a half.

No matter, I think you’ll find this to your liking.  The Akyazi class isn’t one I planned on doing, due to the difficulty I knew I would face in striking the right balance between historical & technical exposition (which itself was necessitated given that the class already had an incredibly detailed history written for it by its creators).  However, thinking long-term about the eventual TMP volume I will gather all my related posts into, combined with the ‘colorful’ depiction of the frontier in the Vanguard novels eventually got me to relent.

Originally classed as a ‘Perimeter Action Ship’ by its creators, I gave it the more generic classification of Destroyer–which, in traditional naval parlance, it is.  It’s size, armament and mission profile put it clearly in this bracket where it stands with other more ‘traditional’ classes such as Saladin IILarson II.  The only difference is in the fact that Akyazi lacks the interior space and appointments that would allow it to carry out an expanded assortment of missions (and thus becoming a ‘workhorse’ of sorts).

Akyazi class Destroyer


As an added bonus, head on over and check out Starstation Computer Art.  This blogger, in addition to building an exquisitely detailed model of an Akyazi class ship (the USS McCook), is currently working on a great model of the bridge–a must see for any TMP era fan!