“That’s a tough little ship………”

After my recent publication of Larson II, it became harder to keep the TMP ball rolling.  There was my second attempt at profiling a civilian starship and indeed, I thought that turned out well, but in general, the few remaining designs I intend to round out my take on the TMP era don’t have any substantive background info which I can use as a springboard or inspiration, thus making it harder to come up with plausible descriptions & histories (which don’t involve using the Klingons, Romulans et al. as catalysts) and thus, ensuring that any such publication takes longer to finish.

Still reading my way through the Vanguard series, I began to get a burning itch to get back into the TOS era and explore some of those nooks and crannies in greater detail.  The Archer class (typified by the USS Sagitarius) is an interesting design, very much a 23rd Century Runabout of sorts in terms of size and capability, but described in such a way that it seemed much larger.

Unfortunately, I’ll be honest and say this effort of mine doesn’t really expand upon the class’ history like you think it might, or I myself think it should.  I painted a general picture which had Archer integrated with Constitution and Hermes as a key part of Starfleet’s exploratory efforts, but didn’t present any new details about scientific expeditions or other such achievements.  Nevertheless, I hope you still enjoy this one 🙂


Archer Class Cutter




One response to ““That’s a tough little ship………”

  1. Great work! If you need a suggestion for the next TOS ship how about the Burke class from Starfleet Battles?

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