“She may not look like much kid, but she’s got it where it counts…..”

Forgive me for injecting a little Star Wars here (the post title being one of Han Solo’s famous quotes), but it seems perfectly fitting given the nature of this update.

The second civilian design I’ve done kills a number of birds with one stone so to speak–it’s a perfect Star Trek analogue to the Millenium Falcon, it’s an ideal design to fill the role of the three doomed ships used in Operation: Dixie (described in my previous update concerning the Klingon D-14) and, with the way I described it inside and out, becomes perfect to use as the centerpiece in my own little plot device (concerning 24th Century smuggler Zak Marris and his Solaris Cartel).

Making it larger and heavier than contemporary shuttlecraft (Type 12 – 26m L) and runabouts (Pulsar – 41m L) gives me a bit more creative freedom and makes the inclusion of systems like disruptors & transporters as well as a generous cargo capacity, more plausible.

All in all, I think my second attempt at a civilian starship is a good one.


Thunder class Blockade Runner





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