Larson II

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing up my take on Larson II.  A classic FASA design, it like various others (Saladin II and Loknar II), is widely considered to be a staple of the TMP era.  As explained in my annotations, it was a bit perplexing at first trying to frame/create the historical background for the class, but by playing up certain historical and technical/design-related elements, I believe I carved out a good niche for it.

Astute readers may note this is yet another instance where I make mention of a Starfleet reserve force (the ‘Reserve Forces Command’).  Soon I hope to get at least a framework created for it–which classes it was responsible for, when it operated them, historical incidents/details etc–to help keep dates and other details consistent.

As I intend to stay in the TMP era here, there are also some Klingon designs of the era that have been on my mind–the D-9/K’Teremny and D-18/’Gullwing’.  Though as always, what I dive into next is anyone’s guess 😉

Larson II Class Destroyer





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