My friends…….we’ve come home.

Good morning all.  Today’s update concerns a most familiar sight –  Spacedock, what myself and a few other non-canon/fanon sources refer to as the Ournal class.  It’s fairly basic as far as descriptions go though, my history tweaked just enough to have it fit in as the successor to my Ticonderoga class (check it out here).  These stations were large and imposing enough before the introduction of the larger Ournal II class (typified by Starbase 74, necessitated by the sloppy VFX work of the TNG production staff).

With lengthy construction times, grandiose resource requirements and the overall size of the Federation by the late 24th Century, I made these comparatively rare – positioned only in vital sectors of strategic importance – and intend to introduce two smaller station types (Andromeda and Ranger/Ranger II) to compliment them.

Memory Alpha has some great background information on the design’s real-world development and evolution, would definitely recommend checking it out (right here).

Until next time though!

Ournal/Ournal II class Space Station




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