Unsung Heroes

My journey back through the TMP era continues here folks, hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as I am 🙂

This update concerns the Linear Warp update to the Saladin class Destroyer–one of the designs that made up the original Class I ‘trinity’ (the others being Constitution and Ptolemny).  Like I did with my recent publication on Loknar’s TMP era update, I broadened my scope and made this more of an overarching kind of publication to cover 2 additional variants of the base design.

This is something that I thought a little longer about given that I don’t view these latter two classes (Daytona  and Jenghiz) as significant of departures as I do their Loknar class counterparts (Valley Forge and Phobos).  The history I’ve written then is somewhat bare bones, but does cover the basics I believe.

Ideas are also slowly starting to coalesce in my head regarding the ‘Starfleet Reserves’ and you can see this in my mention of the Reserve Forces Command which I intend to expand upon here slowly.

Saladin Class Linear Warp Upgrade Project




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