Heavy Artillery

Well it’s taken me some time, but I’m back again with a fresh TMP era update as promised.  While my current hours at work (8AM – 4:30PM) are somewhat difficult to work around, I’m optimistic that once I start my regular shift (4AM – 12:30PM) in two weeks, I’ll have more time/energy to devote to this 🙂


This update concerns the Abbe class ‘PT Destroyer’ from Eric “Jackill” Kristiansen.  One of the more well known designs (in my opinion) from his series of publications (Jackill’s Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet), Abbe is a clean, minimalist design that stands out thanks to its torpedo pod–holding a total of 8 launchers (4 forward/4 aft)–which packs a big punch into a small package.  A spiritual successor to the Marklin class (see my take on it here), I repositioned it as an ‘artillery’ ship of sorts, operating in concert with other ship classes/types, but only where it was needed or could otherwise press home an advantage.

Abbe class Heavy Destroyer




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