Unsung Heroes

My journey back through the¬†TMP era continues here folks, hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as I am ūüôā

This update concerns the Linear Warp update to the¬†Saladin class Destroyer–one of the designs that made up the original Class I ‘trinity’ (the others being¬†Constitution and¬†Ptolemny). ¬†Like I did with my recent publication on¬†Loknar’s¬†TMP era update, I broadened my scope and made this more of an overarching kind of publication to cover 2 additional variants of the base design.

This is something that I thought a little longer about given that I don’t view these latter two classes (Daytona¬† and¬†Jenghiz) as significant of departures as I do their¬†Loknar class counterparts (Valley Forge and¬†Phobos). ¬†The history I’ve written then is somewhat bare bones, but does cover the basics I believe.

Ideas are also slowly starting to coalesce in my head regarding the ‘Starfleet Reserves’ and you can see this in my mention of the¬†Reserve Forces Command which I intend to expand upon here slowly.

Saladin Class Linear Warp Upgrade Project




Heavy Artillery

Well it’s taken me some time, but I’m back again with a fresh¬†TMP era update as promised. ¬†While my current hours at work (8AM – 4:30PM) are somewhat difficult to work around, I’m optimistic that once I start my regular shift (4AM – 12:30PM) in two weeks, I’ll have more time/energy to devote to this ūüôā


This update concerns the¬†Abbe class ‘PT Destroyer’ from Eric “Jackill” Kristiansen. ¬†One of the more well known designs (in my opinion) from his series of publications (Jackill’s Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet),¬†Abbe is a clean, minimalist design that stands out thanks to its torpedo pod–holding a total of 8 launchers (4 forward/4 aft)–which packs a big punch into a small package. ¬†A spiritual successor to the¬†Marklin class (see my take on it here), I repositioned it as an ‘artillery’ ship of sorts, operating in concert with other ship classes/types, but only where it was needed or could otherwise press home an advantage.

Abbe class Heavy Destroyer



The Everlasting Klingon Battlecruiser

Am back with yet another Future era Klingon update – going to get back to the TMP era here with my next class, promise!

The¬†D-90 is another creation from modeler/designer ‘Raven Night’. ¬†At first glance, it’s pretty clear what class/classes his ‘E-7′ is trying to emulate/replace and after looking it over and doing a little brainstorming, I decided to whip up a publication around it. ¬†Though classified as a Battlecruiser, it’s actually closer to a Light Cruiser in terms of size/capability – the KDF’s belated answer to Starfleet’s¬†Intrepid class if you will.


D-90 class Battlecruiser