In The Bird’s Shadow……

Recently – over the past two weeks or so – my creative ‘drive’/inspiration has hit the skids, have found it difficult to get motivated/focused on continuing to update – something that’s particularly frustrating given that I established something of a routine, posting at least one per week.

My job situation has improved though and come September, I will find myself back in the land of the employed (finally!) which will place further demands on my time, though the hours (4AM – 12:30PM) will still permit me some time to write/brainstorm.

Anyhow, the title for this update today is particularly fitting – focusing on a heavy gunboat, the G-6/’Guardian’ class, that fills a niche previously occupied solely by the D-11/B’Rel class and its derivatives.  Stepping back and looking at the big picture, this will be part of a larger effort by me to more properly flesh out the KDF of the 23rd Century.

As stated in the Editor’s Annotations – I haven’t a clue who created the design, or where the orthographic views therein came from, so if anyone out there knows, I invite them to comment or shoot me an email.


G-6/’Guardian’ Class Gunboat





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