Return of the Birds……

This next update skips forward into the Future era to present a successor to the KDF’s venerable B’Rel class Bird of Prey – from a production standpoint, the MiG-21 of the 23rd/24th Centuries.  I don’t know what really gave me the inspiration for this, as the idea took shape I just rolled with it.  Doing some research and trying to nail down the number of examples active led me to briefly broaden my focus and do the same for the rest of the KDF proper.  Nailing those down and establishing the future classes I wanted to cover formed the basic framework for a ‘State of the Klingon Fleet’ – yet another future project to work on.

Anyhow though, back to the topic at hand.  The Mave’Q class was the brainchild of ‘Raven Night’, a prolific designer/modeler whose work in one form or another, stretches all the way back to the days of the first Starfleet Command PC game.  I have it positioned as a frigate and the larger of two ‘birds’ slated to replace B’Rel (though not nearly as large as K’Vort).  The history is somewhat barebones, describing the impetus behind its conception and what led to its development with a little blurb thrown in about the Federation Alliance’s conflict with the Typhon Pact.  Am also hoping to brainstorm a little more before proceeding further in this direction, but we’ll see what I come up with.

Mave’Q Class Frigate





Living the Life……

If the title sounds a bit ambiguous, I apologize because I’m moving into an arena which I haven’t previously thought to explore – the civilian one.  Maybe I was reading too much about Cervantes Quinn in the Vanguard series of novels, or maybe I was watching too much of Han Solo in Star Wars, but I’ve kind of started to feel like things were getting just too ‘black and white’ so to speak.

You have the Federation and then everyone else.  I’ve delved into both – hitting the three major eras in the 23rd & the 24th century.  Somehow though, in doing some thinking, it’s still felt black and white like I said.  So to really add some depth, I’ve decided to attempt to explore civilian shipbuilding.


Spectre Class Cutter




In The Bird’s Shadow……

Recently – over the past two weeks or so – my creative ‘drive’/inspiration has hit the skids, have found it difficult to get motivated/focused on continuing to update – something that’s particularly frustrating given that I established something of a routine, posting at least one per week.

My job situation has improved though and come September, I will find myself back in the land of the employed (finally!) which will place further demands on my time, though the hours (4AM – 12:30PM) will still permit me some time to write/brainstorm.

Anyhow, the title for this update today is particularly fitting – focusing on a heavy gunboat, the G-6/’Guardian’ class, that fills a niche previously occupied solely by the D-11/B’Rel class and its derivatives.  Stepping back and looking at the big picture, this will be part of a larger effort by me to more properly flesh out the KDF of the 23rd Century.

As stated in the Editor’s Annotations – I haven’t a clue who created the design, or where the orthographic views therein came from, so if anyone out there knows, I invite them to comment or shoot me an email.


G-6/’Guardian’ Class Gunboat





This next update concerns a Romulan ship I really didn’t want to do, but felt like I had to – to lend more plausibility to the broader narrative of the Imperial Navy itself during this period as well as straighten out the continuity – various writers have referred to this ship as a D-7 or K’Tinga and have also come up with their own names, which has bugged the hell out of me.

V-11/’Stormbird’ class Battlecruiser

As far as the Romulans go otherwise, revisions/updates to existing publications are definitely on the table as are new ones regarding other ships of theirs during the TMP era.  Have found that a structured plan of what to write slows me down a bit, so will probably be jumping all over the place for the foreseeable future.




2271 or 2273??

In working on a totally unrelated TMP era project, part of my research involves nailing down a few dates – based on when the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture took place.  Now Memory Alpha, a commonly accepted reference for canon Trek, lists those events as occurring in 2273.  However, in their entry for the movie itself, they list those events as taking place starting on stardate 7410.2.  Entering that date into the stardate calculator I use would give us a date of Monday, November 27, 2271.

Just thought I’d shoot that out there.

Memory Alpha entry – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Stardate Calculator

How That Stardate Calculator Works