Constellation Class

Back from my jaunt out in the country, it’s taken me just a tad bit longer to get back into the swing of things than I initially anticipated, but I’ve returned to form here with a publication on the infamous quad-nacelle wonder Constellation.

Not nearly as ‘essential’ I think, as Excelsior, Miranda and EnterpriseConstellation is nonetheless iconic enough to warrant coverage.

Constellation Class

*(You might also enjoy this CGI video concerning the Battle of Maxia)

In doing my nominal bit of research regarding ships of the class, I indirectly stumbled on the Rihannsu series of 5 loosely connected novels by Diane Duane/Peter Norwood.  Published between 1984-2006, they center around a Romulan Commander with a strongly ingrained sense of honor, who leads an uprising against the central government (leading to a brief civil war) and is eventually installed as Empress.  (Memory Beta Entry)

This in and of itself, could lend itself well to a series of publications on the Romulan ships of this day (members of the Hawk family)…..will have to see where my creative spirits take me.




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