Support Ships of the 23rd Century

It feels like I’ve been away for far longer than I really have.  Am currently housesitting until Sunday for some cousins at their ranch some 40-odd miles away.  Taking care of their various animals (a small army of chickens & ducks, 3 horses, 3 dogs and a rabbit) has really eaten into my free time here.  Add to that the fact that their DSL service is somewhat spotty and yeah – haven’t been able to get much done.

I have finished up something I started right before I left though – an article on the ‘Class II Support Ships’ of the Linear Warp Era.  As opposed to ‘Class I’ which encompassed Destroyers, Frigates and other Capital Ships of the Line, ‘Class II’ covers various Fleet Auxilaries–transports, frieghters, supply tenders and the like.  The scope of this publication though is more narrow–covering the Oberth class and its variants/offshoots.  The reason why is better explained in my Editor’s Annotations at the end.

Of interest is this article from Ex Astris Scientia, which among other things, puts forth a compelling argument that Oberth’s lower hull section cannot in fact, be inhabited.


Class II Support Ships





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