Son of Loknar

I intended for this next update to be on just a single class – a nifty looking Soyuz/Loknar hybrid that I had pegged as the original Loknar’s one and only TMP upgrade.  However, that design seemed a tad bit overgunned  for that purpose and so I expanded the publication to encompass 3 total iterations–a conventional linear-warp upgrade (Loknar II), the aforementioned hybrid variant (Valley Forge) and slightly tweaked variant that has seemed to gain general acceptance among 3D modelers (Phobos).

Loknar Class Linear Warp Upgrade Project

The fun doesn’t end there however.  A blog I’ve recently begun to follow more closely has some absolutely incredible interior renders of Phobos that must be seen to be believed (the same goes for the rest of the work that’s presented).

Phobos – Main Engineering

Phobos – Shuttle Hangar & Cargo Bay





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