Constellation Class

Back from my jaunt out in the country, it’s taken me just a tad bit longer to get back into the swing of things than I initially anticipated, but I’ve returned to form here with a publication on the infamous quad-nacelle wonder Constellation.

Not nearly as ‘essential’ I think, as Excelsior, Miranda and EnterpriseConstellation is nonetheless iconic enough to warrant coverage.

Constellation Class

*(You might also enjoy this CGI video concerning the Battle of Maxia)

In doing my nominal bit of research regarding ships of the class, I indirectly stumbled on the Rihannsu series of 5 loosely connected novels by Diane Duane/Peter Norwood.  Published between 1984-2006, they center around a Romulan Commander with a strongly ingrained sense of honor, who leads an uprising against the central government (leading to a brief civil war) and is eventually installed as Empress.  (Memory Beta Entry)

This in and of itself, could lend itself well to a series of publications on the Romulan ships of this day (members of the Hawk family)…..will have to see where my creative spirits take me.




Support Ships of the 23rd Century

It feels like I’ve been away for far longer than I really have.  Am currently housesitting until Sunday for some cousins at their ranch some 40-odd miles away.  Taking care of their various animals (a small army of chickens & ducks, 3 horses, 3 dogs and a rabbit) has really eaten into my free time here.  Add to that the fact that their DSL service is somewhat spotty and yeah – haven’t been able to get much done.

I have finished up something I started right before I left though – an article on the ‘Class II Support Ships’ of the Linear Warp Era.  As opposed to ‘Class I’ which encompassed Destroyers, Frigates and other Capital Ships of the Line, ‘Class II’ covers various Fleet Auxilaries–transports, frieghters, supply tenders and the like.  The scope of this publication though is more narrow–covering the Oberth class and its variants/offshoots.  The reason why is better explained in my Editor’s Annotations at the end.

Of interest is this article from Ex Astris Scientia, which among other things, puts forth a compelling argument that Oberth’s lower hull section cannot in fact, be inhabited.


Class II Support Ships




Son of Loknar

I intended for this next update to be on just a single class – a nifty looking Soyuz/Loknar hybrid that I had pegged as the original Loknar’s one and only TMP upgrade.  However, that design seemed a tad bit overgunned  for that purpose and so I expanded the publication to encompass 3 total iterations–a conventional linear-warp upgrade (Loknar II), the aforementioned hybrid variant (Valley Forge) and slightly tweaked variant that has seemed to gain general acceptance among 3D modelers (Phobos).

Loknar Class Linear Warp Upgrade Project

The fun doesn’t end there however.  A blog I’ve recently begun to follow more closely has some absolutely incredible interior renders of Phobos that must be seen to be believed (the same goes for the rest of the work that’s presented).

Phobos – Main Engineering

Phobos – Shuttle Hangar & Cargo Bay




Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to pass along my most heartfelt thanks to you, my readers.


Well, after finishing my latest project and posting my latest update, I took a moment to check my stats and it appears I’ve set a new record – 308 visitors/viewers today so far (as of this writing), beating my previous record of 235 visitors/viewers on 12/24/11.

Over the past 7 odd months, my work here has taken on a new, more personal dimension.  At the end of November (11/28), I lost my job and thus far, have remained unemployed despite my best efforts.  Delving deep into this universe populated by starships of all shapes and sizes as well as an astro-political landscape that’s slowly gained some depth (thanks to TrekLit), has definitely done well to help me maintain my sanity.  The new visitor/view record I just set really does mean alot 🙂

Once again, thank you 🙂



It’s amazing – I’ve been on WordPress here for over 2 years and haven’t bothered to figure out how to create a ‘links’ page (as opposed to a normal ‘post’) until now……

Ahh well.  If you look to the top, directly to the right of the ‘about’ link, you’ll find a link that simply says ‘links’.  Click on that and you’ll be taken to a simple page where I’ve gathered as many of the most helpful links that I could think of off hand.  It isn’t finished by any means – will definitely be adding more as I discover/remember them.

As far as my project goes, I’m almost done.  Just have to finish up the last class, add in specs and then do an annotations page and of course, the bibliography.  Hopefully though there is enough here to keep your imaginations active until then!