Small Craft

This latest update represents the convergence of two separate projects–an all-encompassing small craft (shuttles/runabouts etc) guide and a new starfighter I had been ruminating over.  Instead of work on them seperately, I decided for the sake of simplicity, to combine both and enlarge the scope–covering all small craft, shuttles, runabouts and starfighters.  This would give me the chance to not only make things easier to find for you, my readers, but also correct a number of errors I ran across.

The format as presented is how I originally intended to present my publications.  However, as I ran across new designs and came up with ideas for new publications, I found it easier to do each ship/class/subject individually.

Small Craft


At some point, I will probably go back through my past publications and compile them into volumes such as I have here, is all up in the air right now though.


Enjoy this latest work!



5 responses to “Small Craft

  1. At the time I originally wrote these small craft histories, I left out those two types on purpose simply due to the limited on screen exposure they got.

    Now that you brought them to my attention though, I’m definitely giving them more thought – though again, due to their limited exposure, it will take me longer to get some solid, semi-plausible ideas fleshed out to justify them.

    Will get brainstorming here and will definitely include both in a future update!

  2. I have to do just some slight rework on that. Will reply again when I have it back up!

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