Picard & Kirk To Space…….

This isn’t a trek news site by any means and I’m not one to normally repost stuff…….but this was just too good to pass up…..

Send Captain Picard to Space

TrekMovie.com Article


“Federation ship Enterprise, surrender and prepare to be boarded….!”

While browsing through YouTube a while back, I stumbled on another talented modeler/animator–CJCA915.  Compared to others like him, this guy does a superb job integrating cinematics/music with his own 3D rendering/animation.

He did a great job with the TMP Drydock Departure sequence (check it out) and with the final battle from the TNG classic “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, which is what inspired the above title (check it out) and personally, my favorite vid thus far.

His next project though is an ambitious take on “The Best of Both Worlds”……head to his channel and check out some of the latest previews he’s posted.  You won’t be disappointed!


Starfleet’s “Clone Troopers”…….

While combing through the Memory Alpha wiki for info on a starship class, I for some reason, decided to look up the ‘Arcturans’.  Also known as the ‘Arcturians’, they first came to light in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a creation of makeup/wardrobe designers Fred Phillips and Robert Fletcher.  Bipedal humanoids, they had a truly unique appearance thanks to Phillips’ talents.

Arcturian – Memory Alpha

However, it’s a pair of snippets cited in the above entry–magazine articles from 1980 and 2002 respectively, that really interest me.  Briefly describing the background of the race in the context of their appearance and costume design, Fletcher specifically refers to them as a race of clones.  Fletcher and Phillips also speculated that they formed the backbone of the Federation’s Infantry, if only because “…..they could clone billions of soldiers overnight.”

I would speculate that, as opposed to the clone troopers from Star Wars, this specific attribute is written into the races’ genetic makeup, much in the same way it is with the Jem’Hadar.

I don’t have to tell you how fascinating this is either.  Conveniently enough, there’s very little written about the race besides this.  We see casual references in a novel or TV episode or two, but never see any members on screen, let alone in print (at least from what I’ve been able to discover).  I’m definitely going to keep them in mind and start brainstorming ways to work them into my universe.  The nature of the Federation and Starfleet, as well as what’s been laid down in post-TNG/DS9/VOY  TrekLit definitely precludes the idea of creating a vast army overnight (as is the case in Star Wars: Episode II), meaning I’ll have to be careful and deliberate with my brainstorming, but rest assured – they will make an appearance sooner or later 😉



Small Craft

This latest update represents the convergence of two separate projects–an all-encompassing small craft (shuttles/runabouts etc) guide and a new starfighter I had been ruminating over.  Instead of work on them seperately, I decided for the sake of simplicity, to combine both and enlarge the scope–covering all small craft, shuttles, runabouts and starfighters.  This would give me the chance to not only make things easier to find for you, my readers, but also correct a number of errors I ran across.

The format as presented is how I originally intended to present my publications.  However, as I ran across new designs and came up with ideas for new publications, I found it easier to do each ship/class/subject individually.

Small Craft


At some point, I will probably go back through my past publications and compile them into volumes such as I have here, is all up in the air right now though.


Enjoy this latest work!