While working on another project, something stirred in my mind that caused me to go back through my computer here and look for a certain publication.  After I had finished my big ‘Starfighter Command’ publication back in November I knew I revisited that specific arena and did at least one more fighter — I just don’t remember whether I published that one or not.  So after a bit of digging, I finally found it.

Avenger class Strike Fighter

A big sucker, I’ve equated this to the F-15 (specifically the ‘-E’ Strike Eagle variant).  The modern Starfighter Command force can thus be interpreted in the following manner

Valkyrie class -> F/A-18 Hornet

Peregrine class -> F-16 Fighting Falcon

Avenger class -> F-15/E Strike Eagle

Raptor class -> F-22 Raptor






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