The ‘Wagon Train’…..

As opposed to the majority of my previous updates which have dealt with various types of front-line starships from various races & eras, this update is decidedly less ‘glamorous’ — focusing on Starfleet’s Transport Command, the logistical arm that deals with the ‘heavy lifting’ you rarely, if ever, see front line ships dealing with.

Starfleet Transport Command

This single publication is made up of a detailed history, followed by a visual identification guide–featuring side/profile views as well as full specifications for 26 separate classes.






Heavy Hitters, Part II (Klingon)

At long last, the Klingons finally receive some attention here.  I can’t remember the last time I did an update on them – had to have either been the ‘Battlecruiser Evolution’ or ‘Birds of a Feather’ (BoP evolution) ones.

Anyhow, this focuses on the three principal KDF capital ship classes of the 24th Century–Vor’Cha, Negh’Var and Vo’Quv (the Klingon’s first carrier).

Vor’Cha class Attack Cruiser

Negh’Var class Battleship

Vo’Quv class Carrier