More Timeline Musings….

Don’t mean to post another ‘teaser’ update, but have had another burst of inspiration that I thought would be worth mentioning.

One of the reasons I have so many different projects in progress is so I can avoid any sort of ‘burnout’.  Rest assured that the projects I mentioned in my last update are still very much alive and will definitely see the light of day here soon.

In organizing my ‘TrekLit’ library here and combing through Memory Beta just to refresh myself on how exactly the novels/events therin fit together, I’ve revisited past ideas and considered how I might present them on the site here.

Back in the day, when I first started out doing Trek publications and other starship-related writings, I also delved into the realm of fiction.  As with my non-fiction stuff, most of my Trek-related stories were very rough and ‘fanboyish’ – centered on massive battles with the Romulans, Dominion etc.  It wasn’t until I started reading TrekLit again (with the “Destiny” or “Vanguard” novel series, can’t remember…..) that I attempted to go back and attempt another story – this time from a more serious, mature perspective.  I started one, then dropped it and now it’s lost in the depths of my desktop somewhere.

Now, as opposed to finding and attempting to complete it – I’m pondering the idea of using my master timeline (still in-progress/ever evolving) as an umbrella of sorts – one where my characters and plots can get the same amount of exposure as they would in a novella or story/novel.

As described in the first draft I uploaded way back when – the events of the “Destiny” series take place in their normal time, concluding with the Borg’s Final Invasion in 2381.  Continuing on, the TrekLit universe pegs the events of the current “Typhon Pact” series as taking place directly following the invasion.  This is where my interpretation of events begins to diverge.

I have a number of miscellaneous events taking place from 2381-84, which combine/boil over into a conventional, full scale war between the Federation Alliance and Typhon Pact powers from 2385-2387.  The Hobus Supernova and destruction of Romulus in 2387 (as depicted in Star Trek XI) brings hostilities to a halt – with the Romulans regrouping, the two factions (the ‘Imperial Romulan State’ and the ‘Star Empire’) reunifying and withdrawing from the Typhon Pact to concentrate on rebuilding & rearming.  The Pact itself remains otherwise intact.  I’ve filled 2388-89 with more miscellaneous events which lead up to 2390–the year where everything depicted in the “Typhon Pact” series begins (starting with the first novel “Zero Sum Game”, but discounting “Rough Beasts of Empire” in its entirety).

As the novel series has yet to catch up with me (two future novels – “Plagues of Night” and “Raise the Dawn” to be released in May and June of 2012 respectively – take one approach in describing a ‘Cold War’ period between the two sides), I’ve endeavored to paint my own picture of a ‘Cold War’ between the Federation Alliance and Typhon Pact – disregarding conventional, unrestricted warfare in favor of asymmetric warfare (where terrorism, espionage etc. are commonplace).  The basic conflict is clear – the Federation Alliance enjoys overwhelming technological & tactical superiority over the Typhon Pact and the Pact needs to find/obtain/develop an ‘equalizer’ of sorts that will put it on par with the Alliance, or at least even the odds.  To what end though is the point I’m at.  You can’t have one big war in which all scores are settled, because you’d erase all conflict.  So, using the concept of asymmetric warfare as a starting point (see Wikipedia’s definition here), I’m working on brainstorming ideas to keep the conflict going.

At the same time, I’m also brainstorming ways in which to incorporate characters I’ve developed.  The USS Phoenix which I mentioned as falling prey to a Breen/Kinshaya sneak attack in 2385, has an entirely new crew.  The UFP has a new president and Starfleet has a new Commander-in-Chief.  My master character list also contains other familiar names from past novels.

So, in addition to all the ‘reference’ material regarding starships and fleets, expect to see other publications–timeline updates, character profiles and more–that will help bring my vision of the future to life.






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