Logo Change…..

You might notice with most of my publications, at the top right corner, is a logo for whatever affiliated power operates the craft being described.  With Starfleet, I’ve tried somewhat, to make them era specific thanks to the wealth of logos/insignia found here.

From here on out, have decided to make a slight shift in logo use for both the TMPTNG/DS9/VOY and Future eras.







The logo used for this era, is also the one found in many official (Paramount-sanctioned) publications. Check it out here

To me, that’s not nearly detailed or sophisticated enough – not in line with the sleek, futuristic designs of the era.  So I’ve gone ahead and decided to take the logo used for the Lost Era (check it out here – first seen in ST:VI) and spread that out to cover TNG/DS9/VOY as well.



Talented designer Gustavo Castillo (check out his blog), who designed two starships and a shuttle that I’ve featured is also responsible for the logo I’ve been using on all my Future era designs (check it out – minus the banner).  Unlike the TNG/DS9/VOY era logo I was using, there was nothing about this one that I didn’t like, I just wanted to switch it up and bring back a more ‘traditional’ vibe to things which I think this new one (check it out) does.




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