Coming Soon…..

Once again, apologies are in order for the lack of updates recently…….but I’m working on a big multi-publication project here which I believe will be worth the wait when all is said and done. ūüôā

I’ve focused for a while on fighters/starfighters and Starfleet’s Starfighter Command (a general overview/history publication, in the same style as the one I did on Project: ‘Full Circle’). ¬†With the fact I’ve done some more work in the ENT¬†and TOS¬†eras as well as fleshed out some history in the TNG/DS9/VOY¬†era, this pretty much ensures that once I have the principal publications finished, I will most likely go back and edit/alter many existing publications.

What’s coming…….

Starfighter Command Overview (including history, rank structure, uniforms)


Thunderbolt class (ENT era Space Superiority)

D-17 class (*edit/revision*  TOS era Attack)

Federation class (*edit/revision* TOS era Attack)

Class V family РWasp/Hornet/Yellowjacket (*edit/revision* TMP era Attack/Space Superiority/Bomber)

Valkyrie (Lost Era Attack/Interceptor)

Peregrine (TNG/DS9/VOY era Attack)

Omega (TNG/DS9/VOY era Bomber)

Raptor (Future era Space Superiority)

Scorpion (Future era Bomber/Ground Attack)



Victory (ENT)

Independence (TOS-*edit/revision*)

Santee (TOS-*edit/revision*)

Yorktown (TOS-*edit/revision*)

Curry (TMP-*edit/revision*)

Midway (TMP-*edit/revision*)


Expect to see lots of great artwork by some great new artists I’ve stumbled upon! ¬†To keep you occupied, all of the classes slated for editing/revisions are accessible–either through the search box, or by manually combing through the archives. ¬†I thank you all for your continued visits and hope that you enjoy this project upon its completion! ūüôā