Project ‘Full Circle’

An idea I’ve had bouncing around my head for some time here, one that I’ve also been keen to use as a springboard for the future direction of starship development as well as Starfleet and the Federation in general is Project ‘Full Circle’.

Compared to the Typhon Pact and other fictional elements derived from the ‘TrekLit’ universe, Project ‘Full Circle’ (depicted in the VOY relaunch novels “Full Circle” and “Unworthy”) as I have depicted, contains much more ‘homebrewed’ material and isn’t based so much on events/history depicted in recent novels.

The publication linked below is intended to be a broad overview–providing a brief history of the project, a description of the assets (ships, personnel etc) involved and a few brief tidbits on the direction Starfleet and the Federation can be expected to follow.

Many of the ship/station classes mentioned within (this blog’s ‘bread and butter’) have yet to be published/posted.  Taking this into consideration, this can be considered as much a personal ‘roadmap’ for future/upcoming work as it can be a reference document.  So stay tuned….. 😉


Project ‘Full Circle’   









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