Let’s make sure that history never forgets the name…….’Enterprise’

I felt like the above quote, from “Yesterday’s Enterprise” was particularly fitting, since this particular update today is all about the Sovereign class.

The point where canon stops and non-canon/’fanon’ takes over, my history of the class is somewhat more concise than others I’ve done, canon or not, based on an existing history I had written sometime ago.

I didn’t delve too far into the contributions/service history of the Enterprise E, mainly because there’s no definitive explanation of how long the ship remained in service past 2387 (where the graphic novel Countdown depicts the ship, commanded by Data involved in the events leading up to the Abrams reboot).  Any such attempt by me to tie up that loose end would come in a revision to my timeline.

Once again, in place of true blueprints are orthographic views presented by Doug Drexler, based on a CG model made by an unknown party.  Eagle-eyed readers though will note that they are ‘pre-Nemesis’, meaning they don’t take into account the design changes/additions made to the overall design for that movie.  To that end, I’ve included an ‘Additional Information’ section with links that examine the design changes in detail.

Sovereign Class