The Great Experiment……..

After publishing my own take on the Enterprise/’Constitution Refit’ class, I knew it was only a matter of time before Starfleet’s ‘great experiment’ got the same treatment.

A testbed for technology that was far ahead of anything the Federation could even conceive and entering service during a gradual warming of astro-political relations (with the Klingons and eventually Romulans), the Excelsior was one of a handful of stepping stones–continuing with the Renaissance, Ambassador and Korolev–that would lead to Starfleet’s most famous classes of the 24th Century, Galaxy and Sovereign.

Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser




4 responses to “The Great Experiment……..

  1. You’ve got a good memory. Unfortunately, this is one that will not be coming back. The creator of the orthos/images I used took **great exception** to my using them and so to make a long story short, I deleted the post I made about it and took it down. It’s possible at some point in the future when I get to re-doing a lot of TMP stuff that I will revise the text and re-upload a text-only version of it, but with everything else I’ve written since then, I’m not sure it’d be a good fit.

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