The Great Experiment……..

After publishing my own take on the Enterprise/’Constitution Refit’ class, I knew it was only a matter of time before Starfleet’s ‘great experiment’ got the same treatment.

A testbed for technology that was far ahead of anything the Federation could even conceive and entering service during a gradual warming of astro-political relations (with the Klingons and eventually Romulans), the Excelsior was one of a handful of stepping stones–continuing with the Renaissance, Ambassador and Korolev–that would lead to Starfleet’s most famous classes of the 24th Century, Galaxy and Sovereign.

Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser




The ‘Big E’

Usually I post my publications in groups, but I believe this is a good exception 😉

Rather than continue/finish what I had been working on last weekend, I randomly decided to finally come around to doing the Enterprise class.  Known simply as Constitution or Constitution-Refit in more established canon camps, I went with Enterprise simply because I felt there wasn’t really enough of the original left to keep the original class name around.  Check out the below links for more information on the ‘refit’ and class name issues.

The Enterprise Refit of 2271 (Ex-Astris-Scientia)

Enterprise class (Memory Alpha)


……and now, enjoy my take on the ‘Big E’

Enterprise class Heavy Cruiser