Birds of a Feather…………Part II (Romulan)

Finally!  After I don’t know how much hype I’ve stirred up about this Romulan-centric update, it’s finally here!

It’s comprised of 8 ships…..from Wah Chang’s iconic Bird of Prey we saw in TOS, to Andrew Probert’s striking D’Deridex class Warbird of TNG/DS9/VOY.  Sprinkled in between are 6 non-canon classes of my own creation–1 fitting in the Lost Era, with the other 5 fitting in at/around the time of “Nemesis”.

The Romlan Battlecruiser we saw in TOS “The Enterprise Incident” was mentioned in my writeup on the Bird of Prey, but not included due to the fact that it’s really more of a stopgap vessel–designed to modernize the Imperial Navy and hold the line until more advanced, indigenous designs came online in the mid 2270’s (material for a future update).

Also, apologies in advance…..the D’Deridex’s notable failure in service has formed the basis for the histories of two ships (Shrike and Star Hawk), so if you feel like you’re being beaten over the head with information you already know………..well there you go…..

The vessels are presented below in chronological order

V-8 (Bird of Prey)

Imperial Hawk

V’Melak *(Check out this video!  Is my inspiration for doing this ship)




Star Hawk