The Gorn are coming!

A lot’s been going on lately on my end.  The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops (the first CoD where I’ve bothered to delve into MP) and the start of another new job (temporary for now, hopefully permanent though!) being prime among them.

I’ve been working where I can on material for another major update–“Birds of a Feather…..Part II”.  This would contain publications on all three canon Romulan ships (the Bird of Prey from TOS, the D’Deridex from TNG/DS9 and the Norexan from “Nemesis”) plus publications on 2-3 non-canon designs from the TNG/DS9/VOY + Future eras.

From there, my Romulan work would take me back into the TMP era, of which I’ve found a wealth of material to expand upon. I’m nearly finished with this, however the reason for the continued delay–as is most often the case–is that I stumbled upon a design which I would love to incorporate, but doing so would require editing of one or more existing publications–in this instance, the one on the D’Deridex.

I didn’t find much Romulan material that would fit in the ‘Lost Era’ or early TNG time period, so when I wrote the publication on the D’Deridex, I described it as “the first modern ship class of the Romulan Imperial Navy to be encountered since the infamous Tomed Incident in 2311.” This obviously would have to be changed if I ever wanted to write something on say, the warbirds involved in the Battle at Narendra III.

So, while I continue to work on that, I felt it imperative to put up an update in the meantime–given how long I’ve spaced them out as of late.

This one, as the title suggests, is focused on the Gorn–a race that’s seen even less exposure than the Romulans and the Breen.  While their ships are huge, larger than many Federation, Klingon and Romulan designs, they are technologically inferior to the above powers and just slightly ahead of the Cardassians. Scroll to the ‘Editor’s Annotations’ of this first Gorn publication to discover more about my reasoning behind this.

MD-31 Class Battlecruiser


Hope you enjoy this…….promise to have the Romulan ‘mega-update’ I described ready soon!




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