Timeline + other musings…..

Given that the title of my blog reflects a setting in the far future, it stands to reason that I should have a timeline up explaining events from ‘there to here’.  I actually did whip up a timeline about 6 1/2 months ago when I really got serious about this work again, but it’s only a partial timeline–extending from the end of the Dominion War in 2376, right up to the point Spock Prime disappears in 2387.

The bulk of it is based heavily on the ‘TrekLit’ universe, with detail/dating changes made by me in certain areas.  The fact that universe (comprised of events depicted in many Trek novels) hasn’t yet caught up to the time of the new movie caused me to turn to the Path to 2409, part of the MMO Star Trek: Online.  It follows much the same timeline as TrekLit does, only with more radical changes in certain areas.  Again, I’ve incorporated some details of that into my own timeline, but have made alterations as I see fit (thanks to the generous amount of information at Memory Beta).

Again, this is only a partial work and with what I have set up already, I’m not quite sure where to go from here.  I’ve thought about incorporate an original alien race from way back in my RPG/’simming’ days, but that’s just a rough idea at this point.  You’ll also notice that I mention several ship classes in there–Federation and Alien–that aren’t posted yet.  Those, especially the alien ones are a priority of mine once I finish up stuff I’ve already got going.

**WARNING** – Spoilers abound for a few of Trek novels……if you haven’t read “A Time To Be Born” or anything newer (up to “Loosing the Peace”), you’re advised to skip this.  Otherwise, proceed on and happy reading 🙂

Partial Timeline

That also brings me to my next point, the fact that I’ve spent more time dwelling in the TOS and TMP eras than anything else.  The reason I think I spend so much time there as opposed to TNG/DS9/VOY or anything further along is because the history is so well established (thanks to the Federation Spaceflight Chronology and other reference works) and events in that history make it easy to write backstories for those kind of ships……constant conflict with the Klingons, tension with the Kzinti, flareups with the Romulans & Gorn……so on and so forth.

The further along you go, the harder it gradually becomes.  There is “The Lost Era” series of novels, the overabundant wealth of information provided by TNG/DS9/VOY (the Dominion clearly stands out) and then all the novels from “A Time To Be Born” up to “Losing the Peace” (novels dealing with the formation of the Typhon Pact in depth are forthcoming).  This doesn’t change the fundamental fact though, that the Federation in this era is an entirely different one than the Federation of Pike & Kirk’s era.  There is no longer an omnipresent threat, nor a state of ‘Cold War’ – despite how ambiguous I’ve made 2387.  Thus, the burden of ‘setting the scene’ and fleshing out details rests solely on you–the writer.

I think the further I get with this timeline, the easier things will be.


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