“Vanguard”/Carriers, Pt II

This post combines 2 unrelated series of projects, the “Watchtower” class Space Station from “Star Trek: Vanguard” and then a pair of carrier designs & a family of fighters from the TMP era.

Watchtower (J-Type) Space Station

Curry Class Light Carrier

Midway Class Carrier

Class V Fighter Family

Noticeably absent is the linear warp upgrade of the TOS Yorktown (Yorktown II) as well as the MacArthur II – a heavier armed, tri-nacelle variant of Yorktown/Yorktown II that are both mentioned in the Midway class history.  Given that the established ‘fanon’ history for the TMP era already makes it hard enough to support many unorthodox or otherwise obscure classes, I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to doing either of those.



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