Test Run

About the title……did the below publication using iWork ’09 on my 13″ MBP as a test run to see how it stacks up to MS Publisher ’07 (what I’ve used to produce everything else).  Pages (the specific program I used within iWork) was easier to navigate in some aspects, though messing with the layout and other more advanced aspects was a little more cumbersome.  Overall, the only real advantage was the ability to password-protect the document to prevent copying of anything or for any changes to be made.  That in and of itself is useless too…..as my images are all culled from other sources and the text can be copied simply by typing it into a word processor/text editor.

Now to the good stuff!

This update centers around a Space Station design by Kristian Trigwell, with a history beginning just prior to the 23rd century and extending midway through (to about 2252).  If you’ve seen the Watchtower class done by Masao Okazaki and featured in the “Vanguard” novel series, then I’m pretty sure you’ll like this 😉

Ticonderoga Class


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