Klingon Battlecruiser Evolution

My latest update is a big undertaking-the evolution of the Klingon Battlecruiser……spanning 6 classes and over 100 years-putting it on par, if not above my writeup on the Constitution class in terms of effort devoted and time involved.

Hopefully this makes up for the latest gap in updates…… 😉

D-3 (the D-5 from ENT)

D-4/Dama (ENT)

D-5/Dupat (TOS)

D-6/Raxor (TOS)

D-7/Klolode (TOS)

D-8/K’tinga (TMP)

A few interesting things I learned during this project (courtesy of Memory Beta)……..

-The Holy Order of the Kinshaya, which played a supporting role in the recent “Star Trek: Destiny” novel series actually made its first appearance in the TOS novel “The Final Reflection” published in May of 1984 by John Ford (Kinshaya Article @ Memory Beta).

-After being unable to rid his ship (the D-7 class IKS Gr’oth) of tribbles, Captain Koloth seeks battle against the Tholians to calm his mind on the advice of his friend Captain Kang.  Koloth later evacuated his crew to Kang’s ship and was forced to activate the Gr’oth’s auto-destruct sequence in order to destroy the tribbles (IKS Gr’oth article @ Memory Beta).


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