“Vanguard”/Carriers, Pt II

This post combines 2 unrelated series of projects, the “Watchtower” class Space Station from “Star Trek: Vanguard” and then a pair of carrier designs & a family of fighters from the TMP era.

Watchtower (J-Type) Space Station

Curry Class Light Carrier

Midway Class Carrier

Class V Fighter Family

Noticeably absent is the linear warp upgrade of the TOS Yorktown (Yorktown II) as well as the MacArthur II – a heavier armed, tri-nacelle variant of Yorktown/Yorktown II that are both mentioned in the Midway class history.  Given that the established ‘fanon’ history for the TMP era already makes it hard enough to support many unorthodox or otherwise obscure classes, I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to doing either of those.



Links + great inspiration….

I don’t like doing ‘placeholder’ posts for some reason, but as I’m sure other writers/artists etc can attest, there are times where you can’t even push yourself to finish a project or get a new one going.  I’ve got several things in the pipeline though that are either finished & waiting to be posted or almost done, so don’t despair…….

What I wanted to do here though was try and compile a list of all the links I’ve used–in getting information, pictures, inspiration…..whatever.  For whatever misc. reason, these sites have helped drive my creativity and I feel like I’d be doing a disservice by not sharing 🙂

Ex-Astris-Scientia – The definitive site for all things (canon) Trek.

Daystrom Institute Technical Library – Another great site providing in depth specifications for pretty much every canon Trek ship out there, Federation + Alien.  When questions about ship size come up, this is often my first stop for answers.  Have also adapted the specification formatting for use in my own work.

Starship Schematic Database – An absolutely exhaustive catalog of Federation + Alien starship blueprints from pretty much every canon/fanon source you could think of.  This is what first inspired me to get creative…..

Jaynz Institute of Technology – Another Federation blueprint/schematic site, this is run by noted artist/designer Neale “Vance” Davidson.  There is a focus on lesser known/more obscure vessels from the FASA and Star Fleet Battles (SFB) role playing universes, but one can also find renditions of more well-known ship classes from the TOS/TMP eras.  Much of my TOS/TMP content is derived from what I’ve seen on this site *(currently down ATM 😦 )*

Andorian’s Office @ SpaceStation K7 – This is where I discovered the Federation Spaceflight Chronology series by Richard Mandel.  His in-depth writing has provided many of my TOS/TMP vessels with more ‘fleshed out’ histories than I could’ve come up with on my own.

Star Trek Minutiae – This is where I discovered the large body of work by noted artist Kristian “Reverend” Trigwell.  All the icons/symbols I use come from this gallery (which the link diverts to).

Neutral Zone Star Ship Database – A great site, particularly for its collection of visuals on cannon ship classes.

Memory Alpha – The Wikipedia of canon Trek, I value this site particularly for it’s backstage/behind the scenes info on certain topics (the whole ‘Miranda/Avenger class’ issue is an example…..)

Memory Beta – Another Trek Wiki, this focuses more on the non-canon/fanon realm, archiving information from licensed works (books, video games, etc).

Now onto the inspiration I recently got 🙂

While browsing a thread at the Federation Reference Forums, I followed a link to a thread at SFM (Sci-Fi Meshes) and stumbled on an incredible Work In Progress. An artist (‘Valkyrie013’) had decided to go ahead and try his hand at modeling the Trinity class design done up by Jim Morvay (blueprints of which can be found here – scroll down a bit).

That’s a great design, one I wouldn’t have minded using – save for the fact that there are no more detailed blueprints or other visuals to be found anywhere…..that is, until I discovered the aforementioned thread (here) 😉

So I’ll stick with the current blueprints (side & top views only 😦 ) and supplement those with visuals of the finished product whenever the author gets around to it.  Am excited for sure about that, but am really going to try to post my backlog of finished work first.
Stay tuned!

Test Run

About the title……did the below publication using iWork ’09 on my 13″ MBP as a test run to see how it stacks up to MS Publisher ’07 (what I’ve used to produce everything else).  Pages (the specific program I used within iWork) was easier to navigate in some aspects, though messing with the layout and other more advanced aspects was a little more cumbersome.  Overall, the only real advantage was the ability to password-protect the document to prevent copying of anything or for any changes to be made.  That in and of itself is useless too…..as my images are all culled from other sources and the text can be copied simply by typing it into a word processor/text editor.

Now to the good stuff!

This update centers around a Space Station design by Kristian Trigwell, with a history beginning just prior to the 23rd century and extending midway through (to about 2252).  If you’ve seen the Watchtower class done by Masao Okazaki and featured in the “Vanguard” novel series, then I’m pretty sure you’ll like this 😉

Ticonderoga Class

Klingon Battlecruiser Evolution

My latest update is a big undertaking-the evolution of the Klingon Battlecruiser……spanning 6 classes and over 100 years-putting it on par, if not above my writeup on the Constitution class in terms of effort devoted and time involved.

Hopefully this makes up for the latest gap in updates…… 😉

D-3 (the D-5 from ENT)

D-4/Dama (ENT)

D-5/Dupat (TOS)

D-6/Raxor (TOS)

D-7/Klolode (TOS)

D-8/K’tinga (TMP)

A few interesting things I learned during this project (courtesy of Memory Beta)……..

-The Holy Order of the Kinshaya, which played a supporting role in the recent “Star Trek: Destiny” novel series actually made its first appearance in the TOS novel “The Final Reflection” published in May of 1984 by John Ford (Kinshaya Article @ Memory Beta).

-After being unable to rid his ship (the D-7 class IKS Gr’oth) of tribbles, Captain Koloth seeks battle against the Tholians to calm his mind on the advice of his friend Captain Kang.  Koloth later evacuated his crew to Kang’s ship and was forced to activate the Gr’oth’s auto-destruct sequence in order to destroy the tribbles (IKS Gr’oth article @ Memory Beta).