The Lost Era

As my blog is still relatively new, I wanted to make sure I got all of the main eras (TOS/TMP/TNG-DS9-VOY) covered right off the bat. ¬†The below three slow into the ‘Lost Era’ though (2293-2364) that I believe is important in connecting events in the latter half of the 23rd century (TMP) with those in the latter half of the 24th century (TNG/DS9/VOY).


Renaissance Class

Ambassador Class

Korolev Class



If you can’t guess by the title, the ship I’m presenting today is another old-school FASA design, the Loknar class Frigate.

Check it out

When you look at it closer, it seems to have more in common with the NX-class from Enterprise than the Akira does……(hence my title ūüėČ )

Carriers, Part I

Having such an interest in naval history and using that as inspiration for much of my work, I developed somewhat of a fixation on the idea of Starfleet fielding a carrier or 2 of it’s own. ¬†After alot of scouring, I came up with 3……




To fill the shuttle/hangar bays of the aforementioned ships, I’ve also come up with 2 decent attack fighters



Part II will focus more on TMP era designs……will there be a part III (covering TNG/DS9/VOY + Future) ?? That depends on what I dig up and whether or not I can work from it…….

Enjoy though!

The one that started it all……

The most time intensive publication I’ve put together concerns my own take on the Constitution Class. ¬†I’ve taken a semi-canonical approach which might be unsettling to some, but hopefully fascinating to most others. ¬†Along with the usual history, specifications and blueprints, I’ve also included a registry list and a highly detailed ‘Annotations’ section in which I’ve tried to explain why I’ve described the class the way I have.

Check it out here and let me know what you think!



This blog is a simple venture I intend to serve as a showcase for my work.  From time to time, you might also find random musings on related (or general Trek-themed) topics.

My work itself consists mainly of starship data sheets (created in Microsoft Publisher 07 and saved in PDF format) created in the style pioneered by the famed non-canon ‘bible’¬†Ships of the Starfleet – Volume One/Revised. ¬†A history, pictures (if available), specifications and blueprints (if available) make up each data sheet along with a bibliography citing sources and material used.

Most of my work so far has been in the TMP era (somewhat ironic considering the era in which I set myself overall, see below….) which I really find the most fascinating so far, though I have done a bit of work in TNG and even some in the TOS era as well.

The “2414” part of the blog title alludes to the year in which I chose to set myself. ¬†Going far into the future allows more creative freedom as far as history, ship design, technology etc. is concerned. ¬†Sometime in the future, I’ll post more detailed information (timeline etc.) on this.

For a preview of what you can expect, check out the data sheet I’ve created for the Miranda Class